Virgin, Optus BYO Top Mobile Deals
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Optus, and newly launched Amaysim and Dodo along with Virgin have been flagged as top deals by newly conducted research. says consumers should go Virgin, however, for the top deal.

Virgin Mobile’s Topless plan as well as Optus BYO plans comes out tops for mobile deals and Vodafone’s BYO Infinite, at $85, also got a nod .  

Virgin’s deal for $89 per month on a contract offers unlimited calls and 4GB data.

Optus BYO Timeless deal is slightly more expensive than Virgin at $99 per month with 3GB data included and unlimited calls.

The newest arrival to the provide scene in Australia, Amaysim was also praised for its simplicity and no frills contract plans, offering 15 cent per minute calls on a pre-paid sim. 

“Over the past 12 months we’ve seen a number of highly competitive deals emerging on the market, but customers are still confused by complex pricing and cap plans.  

 Amaysim provides an easy to understand pricing structure, removing unnecessary costs which results in lower monthly bills for customers as well as providing Australian based customer service,” said Phonechoice.

The survey was conducted as part of an investigation on Channels 7’s Today Tonight.