Virgin Picks "Better" Samsung Galaxy Tab Over Apple's iPad
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The CEO of Virgin Australia had decided to stock business class flights with Samsung Galaxy Tabs instead of the popular Apple iPad.

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Virgin’s CEO John Borghetti spoke to Australian Business Traveller regarding the decision and argued the Samsung tablet was the obvious choice.

“The Samsung tablet is being recognised as a better product than Apple,” Borghetti said.

“That’s not unusual, second-generation stuff usually is. In fact, it’s getting better reviews than the iPad 2.”

“The screen itself is better, and the [Android-based] system is a plus,” Borghetti adds, pointing to the device’s 10.1-inch screen which dons a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio.

“It’s much thinner, as you know, and overall it’s a better product.”

Mind you, Apple currently has agreements which see its popular iPad on flights with Virgin’s rivals: Qantas and its subsidiary JetStar.


“Now, the fact that Apple has got some some kind of agreement with Jetstar, that’s there as well,” Borghetti reluctantly conceded. “But even if both were free, I’d still pick Samsung.”

The tablets will be preloaded with movies, TV, current affair shows, books and magazines, while the Lufthansa BroadConnect wireless streaming system is installed on the airline’s planes.

Once the streaming system has been installed, business class flyers will have a vast range of entertainment options, which can also be viewed on their existing notebooks, tablets or smartphones.