Voda-Mia! Music, Games To Be Outsourced
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Vodafone is to outsource its music and games mobile services to mia, who also power rivals Telstra and Optus.

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Vodafone Australia has done a deal with mobile solutions provider mia to provide a full e-commerce retail platform for music, games and video content including 1.5 million tracks, games and direct customer support.

The service is built on mia’s Sphere, an “advanced” digital platform that promises to deliver “deliver an optimised experience” to customers.

Sphere will also handle Voda’s billing including in-app purchases, with charges passed directly through Vodafone’s billing API, added directly to a customer’s phone bill.

“Yesterday’s announcement represents a consolidation of many of our content partnerships to a single outsourced partnership with MIA,” a Vodafone spokesperson told SmartHouse.

“Vodafone has traditionally used a number of content supplier relationships to bring the latest mobile entertainment, music and games to our customers. We typically provide this type of mobile content through our Vodafone Central mobile portal.”

Telstra BigPond mobile service already uses mia as does Optus, ABC and Virgin Mobile.


“We are excited to be delivering the latest digital retailing solution and will be working with more content providers to add further services via the mia sphere API,” says Jon Mooney, Chief Operating Officer of mia.

“Our focus is on providing a quick, easy and reliable way of purchasing content…so the customer enjoys reliable ease of purchase and value for money, whilst maximising the returns for content owners.”