Vodafone Cuts Cisco Deal
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Vodafone has released a new business package aimed at small-to-medium enterprises, which it says will help integrate companies’ mobile, fixed line, voice and data requirements.Working together with Cisco and Research In Motion, Vodafone Business One includes a WiFi package, outlined as five service bundles, which expand on the original Vodafone Business One service. Service bundles are platforms for businesses to build their own telecommunications service around. These bundles are then supplemented by additional service features and hardware infrastructure.

“Vodafone Business One uses Cisco Unified Communications to ensure the service evolves to meet ongoing business requirements,” says Ian Ross, Head of Managed Services Innovation, Cisco Australia and New Zealand. “Feature enhancements and services add-ons are already part of the roadmap – including tight integration with PC applications, visual communications, web collaboration tools and physical security.

“These solutions will help businesses to manage their communications more effectively by using the network as the platform for productivity improvements.”

In addition to providing a wireless email and data solution, it enables customers to make and receive WiFi phone calls while leveraging the strong security, authentication and management capabilities of the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (MVS) technology and BlackBerry Enterprise Solution.