Vodafone Poo-Poos 3 Business Cap Plans
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Vodafone Australia is contacting journalists who reported yesterday on 3 Mobile’s new ‘business cap’ plans to alert them of its own, similar plans in the business area which it says are better than 3’s, and have been around for longer.

Vodafone is calling its action “proactive” – the company sent an email via its public relations spokesperson at Pulse Communications to journalists with the topic, ‘Proactive statement: re ‘3 launch Business Cap style plans’.

SmartHouse yesterday reported that 3 has launched a new range of cap plans for businesses that allow multiple users share the combined cap value, and still be billed on the one account.

With the cap value spread across the fleet of users, it eliminates wasted credit from light users and decreases the anxiety associated with overspend from heavy users, says 3.

The entry level $199 plan allows up to four services to share $1,240 of cap value across the month, with a total of nine different service offerings all the way up to the $2,499 plan which offers $17,100 worth of calls each month.


Vodafone however says it was the first company to offer business customers a shared plan, and it remains “unparalleled” in the field.

“Vodafone has led the field for several years in this category and constantly reviews and appraises competitive products and services to ensure Vodafone customers continue to receive the best possible solutions available,” said the notice.

“Coupled with our outstanding customer service, such as the Vodafone Business Customer Care line, which offers business customers 24-hour assistance, Vodafone has established itself as the proven innovator in the SME space as it continues to meet the demands of Australian business customers.”

Vodafone product manager, Tim Cowan, said 3 was copying its innovation.

“Vodafone is a customer-centric company that constantly strives to deliver the best possible value and service to our customers.  Vodafone continues to lead the field not only in our product range, but also in maintaining service excellence, which is the best in the industry. Vodafone is original and, while our competitors play ‘catch-up’, we’re already working on our next major offer or service strategy that will ensure Vodafone continues to lead the way.”