Vodafone To Give 3 Customers Ultimatum
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It’s been two years in the making, but Vodafone is getting ready to kill off the 3 brand.

A couple of years back, Vodafone announced it will be merging with 3 Mobile to form Vodafone Hutchison Australia. Following the announcement, the company began to aggressively migrate customers across from 3 to Vodafone with the help of cheap ‘infinite’ plans. 

Vodafone is now nearing the end of its plan to dissolve the 3 brand, and according to sources familiar with the matter, is now planning to give customers an ultimatum: either move to Vodafone or, presumably, go elsewhere.

A similar move was undertaken by 3 when it was migrating Orange customers some 6 years ago. These customers were offered cheap ‘talk&text’ plans to migrate or to port their 3 number to another carrier without incurring cancellation costs.

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Unfortunately it is not known what Vodafone will use to lure customers to the brand, but 3 stopped signing customers to its network 11 months ago, indicating there are a few customers with 13 months left on their contracts.