Vodafone To Improve Network Performance
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Vodafone Hutchison Australia today announced that increased transmission capacity will soon be rolled out across the network. The company says that this will improve network performance by significant bandwidth to support high data use at a lower cost.According to Vodafone, the new IP transmission services will roll out over the next two years and form part of VHA’s major network investment including a new 850MHz network, 1,400 new sites on the 3G network including 900 in capital cities, 500 new regional sites and trials of new technology to boost coverage and speed including femto cells and Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Vodafone said that the new high capacity IP transmission (or backhaul) will ‘connect many of Vodafone’s new and extended sites in metro and regional areas’.

“New transmission is complementary to the NBN, with NBN Co a valuable partner as VHA continues to roll out fibre based transmission in the future. Investment in transmission services is a key component of Vodafone’s network improvement plans, supporting increased data usage and faster speeds at a lower total cost,” said the company.

Michael Young, Chief Technology Officer at VHA said: “Our focus is ensuring our customers get the best possible experience whether it’s network or service. These improvements in our transmission network will mean we can add capacity to our network quickly, and give our customers a better data experience as their appetite for data services continues to grow rapidly.”