Watch Out Bose: Apple HDTV Blasts Out 2012
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iPad creator is said to be turning its attention to TVs in a serious way. Steve Jobs Cupertino techies will release 3 X HDTV models next year, Trip Chowdhry from Global Equities Research believes.

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In a note to investors on Sunday, Chowdhry said he based his theory on information gathered from recent Worldwide developer events, and is the “converged view” among most in that industry, reports Apple Insider. 

 The new TV concept is said to be modeled on the Bose VideoWave 46-inch LCD HDTV and Apple’s display will come in three sizes and price points, Chowdhry says. The HDTV will be 2 inches thick and boast a whopping 16 speaker system. 
Oh and just a single cable, outdoing the Bose version (which has three), but using similar technology. 
The device will “probably” hit March next year, the analyst predicts.
And this isn’t the first time rumours of Apple’s TV plans have surfaced. 
Last week, we reported on the likelihood of an Apple developing a 55″ OLED TV and chasing movie content, to boot. 
 The new 55″ LG OLED panel, is tipped to be manufactured by LG display, capable of delivering music, video and TV shows over an IP network. 

The giant, who is trying to cut global deals with Hollywood movie studios, has included Australia in a list of countries that the it wants rights to first run movies for.