Weather Resistant LCD TV
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Sanyo is set to role out a weather resistant LCD TV. Set to go on sale in the UK first Sanyo say it’s ideal for soaking up warm pommy beer and the odd tear as England get booted out of the World Cup.

The World Cup’s looming – and if you have the idea of sitting outside and watching the action, or are a pub who wants to entertain customers outside the answer is this weather-resistant, flat panel LCD TV from Sanyo – claimed to be first of it’s kind in the world. They say its great for spilt beer and the tears of Poms as they mourn yet another failure to Australia in the World Cup.

The 32″ panel is suited to both interior and exterior use and can withstand a range of weather conditions, plus harsh environments, such as dusty or humid conditions. Picture sharpness comes courtesy of the high-resolution LCD panel with high brightness level, high contrast ratio and a 176 degree viewing angle.

Aimed mainly at the corporate market with an eye on filling beer gardens and barbecues, the weather-resistant TV should be on the market in time for the World Cup. No price available as yet.