Western Digital's Portable Powerhouse
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Western Digital has released a new line of portable drives with capacities up to 120GB designed to be both stylish and rugged.

With no need for a separate power supply (for most systems), WD Passport Portable USB Drives are easy to use anywhere — simply plug in and store.

Designed with sleek rounded corners and a textured, non-slip rugged protective case, WD Passport Portable USB Drives are outfitted with economical WD Scorpio(TM) 2.5-inch EIDE hard drives, as well as Data Lifeguard(TM) protection, to provide maximum safeguard from data loss. 

The drives are offered in capacities of 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 GB. Also available is an optional WD Passport carrying case for conveniently and stylishly transporting the portable hard drives.

WD Passport Portable USB Drives are designed to serve as a digital file briefcase by enabling owners to add instant extra storage; slip the drive into a WD Passport carrying case for on-the-go convenience; back up their notebook computers for extra data safety; and easily share files between computers.  

WD Passport Portable USB Drives are able to withstand the rigors of mobile professionals and other users who prefer to take their data with them.  Safety tests make WD Passport Portable USB Drives one of the few external drives with certification to meet all applicable safety requirements. 

“Simple and easy to use, WD Passport Portable USB Drives combine stylish design with one of the most rugged and reliable 2.5-inch hard drive in its class to deliver a portable USB hard drive worthy enough to be named one of the ‘Top Ten Coolest Products’ by USA Today,” said Jim Welsh, vice president and general manager of WD’s branded products group.  “With Data Lifeguard data protection, a WD Passport Portable USB Drive is dependable enough for our customers to consider it the portable file for their digital lives.”