Westpac Web Site Crashes Again Second Time This Week
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Westpac’s Internet banking services has again crashed leaving tens of thousands of customers without access to their accounts, on what is a traditional busy Internet banking day, due to many employees being paid on a Thursday.

This is the second time this week that Westpac customers have been denied access to Internet banking.

On Tuesday customers of the bank that uses the slogan “We are a bank that you can bank on” were left without account access for over 7 hours.

On Tuesday Westpac blamed an overnight Authorised Program Analysis Report (APAR) patch for their problems however this time there is no explanation.

Insiders who have contacted SmartHouse claim that the crash could relate to “security” issues due constant Trojan attacks.

In 2008 the Westpac online site was down for five days due to the Company failing to install proper backup that allowed their systems to be restored from a mirror site after a technician pulled a power cable at the Companies North Ryde Processing Centre. 

The site which has been described as one of the “worst in Australia” processes millions of transaction daily.