What A Plan! Optus 50GB FREE Internet
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Is this a joke? Optus is now flogging 50GB of free home broadband with its mobile plans.

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The telco is ‘rewarding’ customers with a massive 50GB of free home broadband monthly when they sign up to the $89 Timeless mobile plan or $59 Home Advantage plan.

The Timeless plan offers unlimited standard national voice calls and texts, while business users are also being left in on the offer via $89 Business Timeless Plan.

The $59 home phone plan offers unlimited standard local, national and 13/1300 calls with no line rental costs.

However, Optus want you to sign up to these deals–all of which have 2 year contract–before you receive 50GB of free Internet.

 “Optus revolutionised the fixed broadband market in 2007 with Australia’s first ‘yes’ Fusion home broadband bundle,” said Anthony Shiner, Optus Director of Fixed.

“Today we take this a step further driving mobile lead convergence by giving our customers free fixed broadband as included value for the first time.

“As Australians embrace technology at an increasingly rapid rate and a competitive local market pushed Optus to offer its broadband for free, which Shiner says “is a radical move for us and the industry.”


“We recently re-evaluated the Optus brand and our products to ensure we continue to provide Australians with superior choice and competition when it comes to telecommunications.

“This revolutionary free broadband offer is just the first of many initiatives from Optus to ensure our customers know we’re looking out for them,” said Mr Shiner.