What Does The Internet Know About An Apple TV?
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The internet has been churning information on Apple’s upcoming TV at an alarming rate. We’ve compiled the ones we find most credible to get a clear idea on what a TV from Apple would be like.

How big will it be?

There’s no solid word on how big an Apple TV will be, but there’s plenty of speculation going around on the World Wide Web, and the most consistent puts an Apple TV at 42 glorious inches. Although a popular size nowadays, industry analyst Ben Bajarin offers a prediction that could see its screen size fluctuate a bit. Bajarin claims Apple may ditch the 16:9 aspect ratio in favour of a 20:9 profile as it will provide a little extra screen real estate for an application dashboard, facilitating active multitasking without getting in the way of TV viewing.

Will it have a voice?

Many believe Siri (Apple’s artificial intelligence system) will grace the company’s silver screen. Currently Siri is endemic to Apple’s iPhone 4S and is responsible for people asking their phone questions. Despite the unflattering look, Siri on a TV would make it easier to search the web and filter TV programs.

Steve Jobs’ biography, which was penned by Walter Isaacson, documents a ‘eureka’ moment Job had when it came to devising an easy to use TV. Jobs was quoted saying “I’ve finally cracked it.” Many have tried to interpolate how Jobs cracked the TV medium, but reports from the NYTimes’ blog site indicate Jobs was referring to using Siri on a TV.

What about eyes?

A glance at Apple’s products highlights the company’s consistent practice of including webcams in their computers and front facing cameras in their smartphones/tablets. This history, combined with the growing popularity of applications which make use of a webcam (Skype is a clear example) indicates that an Apple TV will feature a webcam and microphone.

Electronic retailer BestBuy recently profiled an Apple TV and claimed it will include an “iSight camera with microphone.”

What about my content?

An Apple TV could tap into the company’s iCloud service to synchronise apps, calendar entries, photos, music and videos across a slew of Apple devices. This way your iPod, iPhone, iPad and iMac all share your content together harmoniously.

Will it socialise with other products?

We speculate an Apple TV will operate on a version of iOS tailored to TV hardware, much like the company’s iPhone, iPod and iPad. If so, there’s always the chance Apple could include a native app on the mobile device that will empower users with intimate control over their TV. The touch screen technology could really elevate the user experience, incorporating touch gestures into the everyday vocabulary of the TV.

iOS is currently compatible with Apple’s vast application market, and an Apple TV could see dedicated TV applications and games surfacing.

Will it be smarter?

Samsung, LG and Lenovo are all upping the arsenal in their TVs  as they anticipate Apple’s debut in the market. Their next gen products will include powerful processors, high amounts of RAM and internal/external memory. A competitive Apple TV is expected to feature similar hardware, equipping it with the ability to multitask televised programs and powerful applications.