Where's Wii? Nintendo HD Project Cafe To Be Unveiled E3
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Nintendo newest brainchild is to revealed at E3 2011 this week.

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Image: Online Games News

Most details are now known (although unofficially) so here’s the lowdown so far:

Dubbed ‘Project Cafe’ the Wii replacement is a 6″ touchscreen device boasting HD graphics with the aid of AMD R700 chipset and running off a sophisticated IBM triple-core CPU.

The next gen Wii will also have a joypad, motion control and camera and most interestingly it can double over as a screen to display other non gaming material like maps.

It will also hold 1-1.5GB of RAM and. One E3 attendee has already declared the device has wooed gaming industry over, claiming “Nintendo has already won E3 2011” and its HD graphics described as “stunning.”

And this is before the console has formally seen the light of day at the gaming convention taking place in LA this week. 

Online rumours also suggest games to be launched on ‘Project Cafe’ include Donkey Kong Country, Trauma Center Current Crisis, Pikmin, Skyward Sword.

However, despite initial positive reports, whether Nintendo can outdo the Wii is another story. It sold millions and even though it was initially derided by reviewers turned out to be the best thing since the Playstation building a completely new way to play games (and keep the pounds off).


All will be revealed from Nintendo E3 announcement later today.