Will CeBit Be Axed As Show Goes Backwards?
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The New South Wales Government could cut funding to the CeBit Australia technology trade show after dismall numbers for this years event say insiders.

Run by Hanover Fairs, CeBit is heavily funded by the cash strapped NSW Government. In the past Hanover Fairs which is owed by Deutsche Deutsche Messe which in turn is 50% owned by the Government of Lower Saxony, Germany and 50% by the City of Hannover, has cut shows when Government funding has been denied.

Four years ago Hanover Fairs pulled the plugs on a Melbourne based home automation and consumer technology show because the Victorian Government did not deliver funding for the show despite it being heavily supported by CE vendors. 

Australia’s biggest IT event, CeBit which was held last month in Sydney only attracted some 29,403 visitors. This was down some 6,000 on the 35,173 that attended the event in 2008.

Executives who worked on the 2009 event have told ChannelNews that they do not know if the 2010 event will go ahead and that they “fear” for their jobs.