Windows Vista is next OS
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The name of Microsofts next consumer operating system has been revealed. It will be called Windows Vista.

Microsoft’s next consumer operating system to replace Windows XP will be called Windows Vista. The secret was revealed in a brief video message published by Microsoft on Friday. The first beta of the software is scheduled to be released on August 3 2005. Microsoft’s next-generation operating system shed its codename early Friday when Microsoft posted a 68-second video message on its website that had the sole purpose of introducing the name of the final product:

Microsoft associates the terms “clear”, “confident” and “connected” with the new operating system, hinting to various new features of the software – including a new graphics engine, more multimedia capabilities, improved organisation of information, more security, and easier to use networking features for various devices around the house. The first beta version of the software is heading towards IT professionals and developers on August 3, according to Microsoft. The final product will be released in the July 2006 timeframe, which will be preceded by at least one release candidate (RC) and a second beta, which is rumoured to become available sometime in November of this year. According to Microsoft, the video message was taped at a recent briefing for the firm’s global sales and marketing staff.