Woolies Reaches Top-25 Retailers Globally
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Australian supermarket chain, Woolworths, has hit a milestone by becoming the first Australian retailer to enter the top-25 worldwide retailers according to a poll.

The chain, which owns Dick Smith, Dick Smith Powerhouse and Tandy electronic retailers, jumped four places to 25th, beating rival supermarket chain Coles Group which came in at 31st.

The Deloitte 2008 Global Powers of Retailing report identified the top 250 retailers worldwide in terms of revenue for the period from 2006-07.

According to Deloitte Australia consumer business leader, Andrew Griffiths, both Woolworths and Coles were performing exceptionally well considering the small size of the Australia market.

“Both [retailers] have been iconic brands for many decades, having diversified with their retail offer from supermarkets to liquor, general merchandise and petrol,” he told The Australian newspaper.

American retail group WalMart kept the number one spot, with French Carrefour Group coming second followed by US-based The Home Depot.

While Australia’s largest electrical retailer, Harvey Norman, didn’t place, local Wesfarmers-owned home improvement retailer Bunnings took 176th place.

Thirty-seven of the 250 highest-grossing retailers were electrical specialty retailers.