'Worlds Most Powerful' Motorola Atrix $840: Can You Handle It?
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Atrix, the “world’s most powerful smartphone” is here and it will truly “amaze” you, promises Motorola.

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The long awaited device is definitely “next gen” in terms of its specs, being the world’s first phone kitted out with a dual core processor each running at 1Ghz, which means double the power of other phones, faster applications and web browsing on Android 2.2.

It also has 1GB RAM, Adobe Flash player, Wi Fi enabled, HTML 5 and longer battery life (9 hours talk time, apparently) and supports cloud computing, making it ideal for business users.

Moto’s new brainchild also boasts the first ever qHD screen and 24- bit colour meaning that games and media viewing on the 4 inch device is top quality and has front and rear facing cameras which is handy for Skype and video chats.

And its makers have created it so only the user can handle it. It is the world’s first handset with  biometric fingerprint recognition technology, which means only the owner can activate device, which is “an IT managers dream, ” says Motorola.
 “You will be amazed” at its prowess, promises Timo Brouwer, Motorola Australia’s MD at its Sydney launch last night.

So what is it like in the light of day? Its weight is average although it is slim at 11mm and easy to handle.  The demo of the Atrix in car mode, and its use of the Google Maps was impressive as was the nifty car dock which holds  it.

There is also voice command mode for GPS making it an ideal driving buddy.

So, if you’re serious about mobile computing this device is for you. Storage wise it has massive memory – a maximum  48 GB (16 GB internal) with option of an SD card giving an extra 32GB.


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It also has a full internet Firefox browser giving the real computer feel to web surfing, rather than the slight time delay that traditionally characterises mobiles.

In fact, Motorola is so serious about its high end smartphone, they reckon users can throw their laptop out and the Atrix can take centre stage in their computing life, such is the power, ideal for users who want all apps, music and memory solely on one small device.

Its HD multimedia dock has three USB ports and a HDMI out, letting Atrix connect freely to other devices, and has developed a new entertainment centre, which amasses all content into one location.

To this end the mobile makers have also created a “no brains” laptop, called a ‘lapdock’ which is basically an empty no memory docking device which the Atrix connects to, allowing users to view their movies, apps and listen to music on a larger screen.

However, this luxury will cost you an additional $449, on top of the price of the phone, which is steep considering one could buy a pretty decent spec notebook (or maybe even push up to a tablet ) for that price.

And the price of the phone itself? $840 outright, although Telstra are offering a range of deals so it can be bought on a $59 Freedom Connect with a $20 extra phone repayment.

In other words if you want to put all your eggs in the Atrix basket, then you may have to fork out for extras like the standard dock ($59) the  lapdock, a HD multimedia dock ($129), a bluetoooth keyboard ($79) and a car charger ($69).

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Think you can handle it?  Find out on June 7th when Moto’s next gen device hits Telstra shops.