Wow Director Flags TVs, Laptops & Nav For Xmas
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Wow Sight & Sound director Con Nicolas says if the highest-selling products of 2007 are anything to go by, flat-screen TVs, laptops and handheld navigation will be the hot gift items for Christmas and into the 2008 sales season.

Nicolas says his electronics chain, based in Queensland, has been “flooded” with requests for these electronic products, in addition to games consolers, digital cameras and MP3 players.

“Everything from flat screen televisions to digital cameras will be highly sought after as electronics and entertainment equipment becomes an increasingly affordable Christmas gift option,” he said.

“Many of our suppliers are also fuelling demand by offering exclusive gifts to accompany Christmas purchases such as $25 fuel vouchers on selected navigation systems, LCD or surround sound with selected LCD panels and up to $149 cash back on selected laptops and desktops.”

Wow Sight & Sound says the following products will be hot property over the coming weeks:

1. Flat panel screens
Ranging in price from $299 to $5,999, flat panel televisions will boost Christmas sales figures significantly, says Nicolas. Some of the most popular brands include LG, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Acer and Vue.


2. Handheld navigation devices
With the price of handheld navigation devices continuing to fall they are fast becoming one of the most popular electronics gifts available. Ranging in price from $196 to $799, Garmin, Navman, TomTom and Navtrack handheld navigation devices will be sales winners this Christmas, says Wow.
3. Games consoles
Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii and XBOX game consoles are toys suitable for all ages and, therefore, a guaranteed top seller this Christmas. Starting from $348, game consoles are an affordable gift option for the kids, both big and small, said the company.

4. Digital cameras
Both hard drive camcorders and digital still cameras are always a popular choice at Christmas. Nicolas says that with Wow’s digital cameras ranging in price from $98 to $1499, there is a product to suit every application and budget.

5. Mp3 players, iPods and iPod docking stations
It’s no surprise MP3 players and iPods top the most popular Christmas gift list but a new addition to the category is the iPod docking stations, says Wow. Starting from $95, these products are available from iPod, Samsung, iRiver and Nashi. 

6. Laptops
While personal computers are a necessity in today’s internet age, many consumers are opting for the flexibility and affordability that comes with laptops which start from as little as $595. Toshiba, HP, Asus, Acer and Compaq are among the more popular brands sold at Wow Sight & Sound.


According to Nicolas, the retailer has developed a system that works.

“We have a proven system in place for handling the Christmas rush,” he said.

“The first step is to plan ahead; use proper planning techniques like sell through data and forecasting to predict the top selling products for the season, get your orders in early and maintain a good relationship with your suppliers so you will get your fair share of stock before it sells out.

“At store level, make sure your merchandising reflects your marketing. If you advertise a particular product at a special rate, make sure there is plenty of stock on the shelf or you’ll lose valuable sales time and time again.

“And finally, with so many customers in store you’ll need more staff to cater for the additional trade. Employ extra staff early and extend your trading hours to make for a smooth and successful Christmas retailing season.”