Yahoo Cuts Nielsen Deal
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Yahoo has strengthened its relationship with Nielsen Online as it subscribes to its Market Intelligence service.

According to the company, the new service will provide media buyers with an increased visibility of Yahoo!7’s audience and will be launched with its FrontPage as well as other upcoming properties in the following months.

Nielsen Online is the only Australian online measurement company currently working towards accreditation by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) for online advertising measurement.

Neilsen Online’s Managing Director – Pacific, Megan Clarken said, “This is a pivotal decision by Yahoo!7 in that it means all of Australia’s major publishers are now taking part in Nielsen Online’s service, and media buyers will have one consistent online measurement platform.”

Yahoo!7’s National Media Sales Director, Damon Scarr said, “We know that in these tough economic times marketers need all the help they can get to demonstrate that their advertising investments are reaching the audiences that matter most to them. In subscribing to Nielsen Online’s Market Intelligence service we are allowing our clients an apples to apples comparison across the industry.”