Yellow Machine Gets SMB Upgrade
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Anthology Solutions, makers of the Yellow Machine multi-function storage appliance have released a new software version which improves the security, reliability and flexibility of the Terabyte storage box.

Software version 3.0 includes a new File System (EXT3) with journaling, support for Active Directory Services (ADS), Disk Scrubbing Technology (DST), Business-class Backup (Retrospect Pro from EMC) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities.


The Third Extended File System (EXT3) automatically logs file system transactions to ensure file system consistency and offers rapid recovery of large file systems following an unplanned shutdown or power failure.

Microsoft Windows Active Directory Services (ADS) support provides significant advantages in user account, access management and security services for Windows networks including centralised account and access management, and integration into single sign-on environments without sacrificing LDAP support.

Anthology also claims the Yellow Machine is the first storage appliance in its class to provide full support for Disk Scrubbing Technology (DST). Data integrity is preserved by monitoring and fixing data errors on the fly, preventing hard disk data losses before they occur.

The company has turned to EMC for DANTZ Retrospect Professional as a backup tool with a full five-seat licence bundled in the software.

And finally, The Yellow Machine’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities have been extended to support remote networking with easier secure remote access to corporate LANs, rapid deployment of powerful secure LAN to LAN VPNs and increased security for remote VPN access to LANs.

The Yellow Machine VPN solution integrates seamlessly into Dynamic IP environments.

The size of a toaster and bright yellow, it combines up to 2.0 terabytes of RAID storage and advanced networking and security from $2,295.