Yes Optus Gets The iPhone
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According to the well respected and often spot on web site,, Apple may use Australia as a test-bed and sell the iPhone in a non-exclusive deal, although under a very different agreement than has been done before with other carriers. 

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The technology site points to an industry insider who claims the phone will be available first through a local carrier, that is, Optus, but that this provider won’t have sole rights to the device, as AT&T in the US and some European carriers enjoy today.

The report also notes that an announcement on this will be made within 10 days or so however other sources talk about an early June announcement.
For its part, Optus is expecting to launch future iPhone (3G) models rather than the existing generation, according to the anonymous source.

The Australian launch has also been rumored to include an unlocked model that could be used with any carrier available in the country, making the previous claims about Telstra getting the iPhone exclusively seem unlikely.
Apple has refused to confirm or deny this report.