'You're All SCREWED!': iPhone, Gmail 'Mass' Spies, Assange Warns
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Your iPhone, BlackBerry and Gmail are spying on you. That’s the dramatic accusations voiced by Wikileaks leaders Julian Assange yesterday whose ire is now aimed at top tech giants rather than US governments.

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Your iPhone is watching you, says Assange.

Assange’s latest claims aimed at giants including Apple, Google and BlackBerry – believing all users are subject to ‘mass surveillance’ operations – which tracks your location, listens to calls and even steals email contacts.

“Who here has an iPhone, who has a Blackberry, who uses Gmail?” the Wikileaks boss asked a Bureau of Investigative Journalism press conference in London City University, yesterday.

“Well you’re all screwed,” he warned.

“The reality is that intelligence operations are selling right now mass surveillance systems for all those products.”

Data belonging to “entire populations” is being  flogged to third parties including “dictators and democracies alike.”

The trading of personal information is part of a  “corporatized” surveillance industry, the Australian native also sensationally claims.

The documents cover a total of 160 companies is a “mass attack on this mass surveillance industry” Assange told the press conference  yesterday unveiling the latest round of secret files.

This comes as whistle-blower Wikleaks release its latest cache of 287 documents about the international surveillance industry, known as “Spy Files” containing information on companies we all use don’t want you to know.

The bane of the Establishment, Wikileaks, has partnered with spyfiles.org to disseminate the spying files (wonder where’s The Guardian and New York Times, now?).


But Assange wasn’t the only one make this assertion about companies we all impart our personal information on – Pratap Chatterjee from the Bureau – also backed up Wikileaks boss’ sensational claims – and says the phone can even capture information even when it is on stand by mode.

More juicy Wiki details should be available in the coming days.