Zango Withdraws Proceedings VS PC Tools
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Adware publisher Zango has conceded defeat by voluntarily withdrawing its proceedings against anti-spyware maker, PC Tools. This move follows two months after the courts denial of Zango’s application for a Temporary Restraining Order.

While Zango’s legal proceedings have sought to remove the detection of their products by PC Tools’ anti-spyware application, Spyware Doctor, the Court found that it was “unlikely that the Plaintiff will be able to prove that the Defendant’s software was unfair or deceptive.”

PC Tools’ Chief Executive Officer, Simon Clausen said, “It appears that Zango has realised they were not going to prevail in this matter and the case has been withdrawn on this basis. We believe the case should not have been brought in the first place. The outcome sends a strong message that PC Tools will not be changing their classification of programs as a result of the threat of legal proceedings.”

“It is our responsibility to provide consumers with an effective anti-malware product. PC Tools will continue to be vigilant in classifying potential threats and expend whatever resources are necessary to protect its brand and reputation,” added Clausen.