Zultys To Release Wi-Fi Voip Phone
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SMB VoIP specialist Zultys Technologies will release its WIP 2 Wi-Fi enabled IP phone in the Australian market in November this year.

The WIP 2 wireless IP Telephony phone offers Wi-Fi roaming capabilities without sacrificing functionality, featuring access to voice encryption, paging, 3-way conferencing, instant messaging, presence and all standard telephony functions form the handset.
The desktop replacement phone will also integrate with existing office system or as a cost effective way to provide phone service prior to cabling a site.
“Our customers have told us they would like the ability to take their desktop IP phone with them rather than have a second mobile unit with reduced capability,” said Tony Warhurst, Director of Business Development, Oceania at Zultys Technologies Australia.
The WIP 2 phone has a long battery life, points out the company which claims the WIP 2 is capablieof four hours continuous talk time and 12 hours of standby time.
The phone is SIP-compliant so should integrate with other true SIP-based IP Telephony offerings.
“We promote open standards with our IP PABX systems and hardware, so our product offerings are easily integrated into the existing telephony systems deployed by our customers,” said Warhurst.
“Zultys is taking a clear leadership position in the IP telephony enterprise market by releasing a new product once a month. We can do this because 40% of our employees are devoted to software development, which allows us to make the IP telephony experience easy to deploy, install and use for our customers.”