Backup And Restore Software From Nero
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The Nero BackItUp & Burn software allows a user to burn and back-up content, sync files and folders, or restore lost data.

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This software allows users to protect data with scheduled backups; burn discs with their music, videos and data files; back-up files to online storage; sync files and folders; and recover lost information from damaged or scratched media.

Nero’s CEO, Udo Eberlein said, “Nero got its start in burning technology and has long been regarded as a leader in this area. The new Nero BackItUp & Burn product builds on both this leadership and the company’s liquid media approach to digital content creation and distribution. We recognise that in our content-rich world, a new set of questions exist on making the most of and protecting users’ valued photos, videos, music and data. Nero BackItUp & Burn gives an intuitive, nontechnical solution for the backup, burning, synchronisation and recovery of a consumer’s digital media.”

According to the company, consumers can create CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs of non-copy protected videos or home movies, burn audio CDs from personal MP3 files and share photos and music.

In the event that media is damaged, or important files are lost, deleted or overwritten, file recovery even for optical media can be performed. In addition, users can restore backed up files to their laptop or PC in the event of a system or hard drive crash and the sync feature lets users have access to the most current versions of their files.

Nero BackItUp & Burn retails for $99.95 and is available through participating retailers such as Dick Smith, Harvey Norman, and Officeworks.