Bankwest Unveils New 'E-shopping' Site & iPhone App
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Online banking has been stepped up with latest offering by Bankwest.

The new site,, is the latest technology in home banking, inspired by online shopping sites.

And is seems the bank is also turning its attention to the mobile revolution with the release of a new iPhone app enabling customers to engage in online banking on the move. And it is available for download on iTunes for free.

Bankwest’s new look website at is a first for a financial services site of its kind in Australia, and has some unique e-tools to give a better user experience.

There is a powerful search function which allows consumers to compare and apply for different products allowing for a simpler shopping experience, Bankwest said today.  

It also has shopping basket type functionality, filtering capabilities, user generated comparison charts and ways to save and share selections.

“The site utilises functionality that is reflective of online shopping sites and not seen elsewhere in the financial services industry,” Bankwest’s Retail Chief Executive, Vittoria Shortt, said.

“The new website offers customers a range of tools to help them select, compare and apply for products online.”

“Consumers are increasingly tech-savvy so we have invested considerable time into making the website as user friendly and satisfying as possible. We’ve looked at the best websites beyond financial services and used this to benchmark ourselves.”



“We know that 85 per cent of users go to our website to log onto online banking, so we have made that a priority to remain as accessible and secure as possible.

The new online tools is part of Bankwest’s ‘Happy Banking’ initiative.