BlueParrott is a fairly new entry to the Australian headphone market and their affordable premium enterprise noise cancelling range is now opening up new markets enterprise and B2b markets for the GN Group.

The Company was acquired by the GN Group back in 2016, they also own top-end headphone brand Jabra, since the acquisition the BlueParrott range of headphones which are specifically designed for loud noise environments where people want crystal clear communication has been upgraded with a new range recently released in Australia.

Classic users are truck and crane drivers, warehouse staff and manufacturing staff who work in noisy environments and need clear communication when driving or walking around a noisy warehouse or factory.1

The BlueParrott are not your normal Bluetooth headphones, they are intelligent, noise-cancelling audio devices that come in multiple forms.

They incorporate cutting edge noise-cancelling technology that is designed to deliver superior call quality due to a processor that is designed to take out industrial background noise.

In the USA where the BlueParrott range has been on sale for several years over 3 million professionals use the BlueParrott headsets.

This includes 6 out of 10 commercial drivers across both independent or small fleet drivers.

It’s also highly popular with emergency service and utility personnel who could well be up a pole fixing electricity lines.

The new designs allow users to choose a wearing style and fit that gives them all-day comfort. They can also be customised to the individual using the upgraded Parrott Button.

Another key feature is the VoiceControl feature that delivers hands-free access to a wide range of services.

Multipoint Pairing means teams can seamlessly switch between two simultaneously connected devices, helping them stay productive and ensuring calls aren’t interrupted.

Teams can stream audio and navigation directions from any Bluetooth device and enjoy more than 24 hours talk time and Micro-USB charging to keep the conversation going.

The GN Group is made up of GN Hearing with the flagship hearing aid brand ReSound and GN Audio with the flagship brand Jabra, and now also including the VXi and BlueParrott brands.

The marriage of multiple research and development skills has allowed GN Audio to enter a market with a superior commercial headphone brand that delivers for both large enterprise organisations and small business running warehouse or manufacturing operations were hearing a call is difficult” Said Sid Rashid Asia Pacific Marketing Manager.

The latest in the BlueParrott range is the C300 XT.

Among the BlueParrott noise cancelling headphones available in Australia is the all-new C300 XT. This device delivers 10 hours of battery life and 80% noise cancellation.

Users can talk throughout the day even when doing long shifts, you also get up to 13 days of standby time.

The C300-XT headset offers an integrated hardware/software solution via an open Software Development Kit.

This kit allows users to customise the Parrott control Button to give you one-touch access to your favourite or most used features.

This lightweight offering is also IP54 rated for water and dust resistance and all-day wearing, whether you work indoors or outdoors – in temperatures cold or hot.