Broadband Subscribers Surpasses 2 Million
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According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission more and more Australians are taking broadband technology into their lives.

The ACCC’s latest figures show the take up of broadband services has reached nearly 2.2 million subscribers in Australia.

In July we reported the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission report Snapshot of Broadband Deployment showed that as at the end of March 2005 1,839,700 broadband services were connected across Australia. Two months later an updated Broadband Development report shows that as at the end of June 2005, there were 2,183,300 broadband services connected across Australia.

“As with the results of the previous quarter, this represents an increase of over 1 million customers, or 108 per cent, over the preceding 12-month period,” said ACCC Commission Ed Willett.

Total quarterly growth in broadband was 18.7 per cent for the June 2005 quarter — this is broadly in line with the March 2005 growth (18.8 per cent). Also the take up of ADSL services continues to be significant, with more than 1.5 million customers connected to ADSL services in the June 2005 quarter.