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The Golden Chain Motel Group has appointed NetComm as its preferred technology supplier.

Golden Chain is an Australian motel chain with more than 300 locations around the country. Members had investigated the installation of a broadband network to provide Internet access for their customers but the available technologies were cost prohibitive and would have entailed running wires throughout the properties. 

 John Priestley, Chairman of the Golden Chain Motel Group said “HotSpot has been operating in our two motels – the Horsham Mid City Motel and the Lamplighter Motel in Oakleigh – for six months. The price is right, it’s reliable, and it works.  This experience meant we had no hesitation in endorsing NetComm as our preferred technology supplier to the Golden Chain Motel Group.”

Commenting on the appointment, David Stewart, Managing Director of NetComm, said: “NetComm Wireless HotSpot is a simple and cost-effective way of selling casual Internet access to motel patrons with a wireless-enabled notebook or PDA.  For a small outlay, businesses such as motels, cafes, restaurants, or even a carwash, can provide access for their customers to surf the net, send e-mails or access corporate networks – and earn income at the same time.”

The Wireless Hotspots are also a new source of revenue for the motels, and they free up the properties’ telephone lines. This avoids the issue of guests using dial-up connections via the motel PABX to access the Internet, and interfering with the property’s ability to make and receive business voice calls.  

To connect, the customer simply launches their web browser on their wireless notebook or PDA and enters their unique username and password in the login screen. Once online, users can enjoy the benefits of high-speed wireless Internet access for browsing, e-mail or Virtual Private Networking (VPN) access where a user can securely connect to their corporate network from a remote location.