Intimate Obsession Actress Bought Down HP Boss: FIRST PICTURE
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A 50 year old actress Jodie Fisher, whose credits include a movie called “Intimate Obsession”, has been identified as the woman who bought down Mark Hurd, the CEO of Hewlett Packard.

On Friday HP PR executives were describing her as a “contractor” to the global IT Company; however it is not known what sort of services she was offering HP.

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The woman’s film credits include “Intimate Obsession” and “Body of Influence 2.”
The bombshell dropped, when on June 29 Fisher had lawyers send a letter to HP accusing Mr. Hurd of sexual harassment. 
This triggered a board investigation, which resulted in Hurd quitting the Company and the Companies shares falling 8%.
H-P said that its board asked Mr. Hurd to resign as chief executive in large part because of expense irregularities uncovered during an investigation. It said he hadn’t violated the company’s policy regarding sexual harassment.
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In a statement to the Wall Street Journal Fisher said “Mark and I never had an affair or intimate sexual relationship, I have resolved my claim with Mark privately, without litigation, and I do not intend to comment on it further”.
 Mr. Hurd reached a settlement with her Thursday, according to another person familiar with the matter.
The WSJ said that Ms. Fisher’s is a single mother, raising a young son, who had worked recently as the vice president of a commercial real estate company.