Mitho Offers All-In-One Automation Solution
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BPT has released two Mitho colour touchscreen multipurpose terminals, designed for the management and control of electric home automation, security and video entry system.

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Mitho’s new user interface concept, focuses on simplicity and easy access to various functions. It has a 4.3-inch colour touchscreen in 16:9 format, which has full screen navigation to various menus that enhance the user interaction with the system. Menu navigation is simple, based on colour codes that facilitate the association of the functions with the colours.

Two units are available the Mitho and Mitho Plus. The Mitho video entry terminal allows users to answer video entry calls and communicate with any other terminals in the home, as well as listen to your video entry system answer phone messages. Features include:

  • Image Zoom (Various Levels)
  • Answer, Call reject, Door Lock release
  • Stair Light/Aux Mute
  • Intercommunication
  • Video Entry call answer phone
  • Porter Answer phone
  • Display of images from entry panels or surveillance units
  • Ring Tones – 9 to choose from
  • Building Functions – Privacy/Panic/Porter


The Mitho PLUS terminal offer’s all the features and functions of the Mitho video entry terminal with the addition of controlling the home automation and security system all from the same sleek and easy to use terminal. Features include:

  • Lighting Control – On/Off/Dimming and timing control by zone or room.
  • Scenario activation – home/away/entertain/sleep.
  • Automation of openings – shutter, blinds and curtains
  • Temperature regulation – five level regulation either automatic or manual
  • Irrigation – ON/OFF and Timing control by zone or cycle programming and seasonal time adjustment
  • Load mnagement – can monitor power consumption.
  • GSM cmmunicator – can control up-to 16 Scenarios and 20 Heating
  • Zone’s as well as send six technical alarms
  • A key benefit of this system is the ability to use any type of light switch reducing the cost of the overall system.


Security System control can be integrated by using the Brahms B2 Alarm allowing he Mitho PLUS total control of the Alarm System with features that include:

  • User code entry panel
  • Control unit selection for systems with several alarm systems
  • Total or partial system enablement
  • Alarm status display
  • Alarm status display by control unit
  • Event memory
  • Security scenario activation controls
  • Alarm status display by area
  • Alarm silencing
  • Alarm display reset

Mitho Starter Kit
2.Mitho PLUS Starter Kit
$ 6,140