Panasonic Set To Twitter The Genius Inside
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Panasonic who in Australia have both Sony and Samsung worried because of their strong performance and high marketing spend are set to chase consumers who frequent social network sites with Company CEO Steve Rust claiming that the Company is learning how to “Twitter”.

The move to expand their online marketing came after Sydney research group Polinate identified several new online marketing opportunities for the Japanese Consumer Electronic Company who 18 months ago dumped their long time advertising agency George Patterson for the Campaign Palace.

Using the tag line “Built In Genius” Panasonic is set to start using social network marketing to develop peer group synergy for their products while also developing blogs and forums that allow consumers to communicate directly with their 35 Sydney based customer service staff.   

 To help them cut through into what Panasonic describe as “a digitally switched on audience” the Company spent months researching marketing Companies that had the “knowledge and an understanding” of the social network audience so that they could put together a shortlist of Companies to pitch for their business said Gemma Lemieux Marketing director at Panasonic.

“Research showed that we had to connect with the audience that were frequenting social network sites and rather than second guess this market we decided to go out and find who in the market had the marketing skills to help us. This was not an easy task as some agencies had everything including creative execution and strategy while others were more focused on strategy and execution”.

In the end and after a lengthy process Panasonic chose Sydney based agency Suede who currently work with clients such as 3, Mercedes Benz, Dell, The NRMA and Thrifty. 


“This is unknown territory for Panasonic however we feel it is important that as part of our overall marketing strategy that we have programs in place that reach the Twitter and Facebook audiences. We literally are learning the value of Twitter communication while also allowing consumers to quickly reach people within our Company with knowledge that can help them ” said Rust.

During the past 12 months Panasonic has seen significant growth across all aspects of their consumer portfolio including flat panel TV’s Blu ray and digital camera offerings with the Company reporting one of their “best years ever” according to CEO Steve Rust.

Now the Company is on a mission to grow their brand at a time when long time consumer electronics Icon is faltering under a mountain of debt.

Martin Hoegh Guldberg the CEO of Suede said “Our role is to help Panasonic create a better relationship within social networks that today, have a lot of influence. People are using these environments to find out information and they are following closely what their peers are saying about a particular brand or service”.

“We are going to help Panasonic to develop blogs and forums as well as Twitter communication that allow consumers to communicate directly with people inside Panasonic who have the knowledge and information on Panasonic products that consumers want. We are going to let them talk directly with the geniuses inside Panasonic”.