As 2017 comes to a close, industry insiders are hoping 2018 will offer just as memorable a year for retail designs – here’s some of what we can expect.

In addition to the below trends, Inside ID affirms that retail design will continue exploring minimalist designs, well into next year:

  1. One space, diverse services -> More brands will continue converging into one space. Various product categories from different vendors will co-exist (e.g. specialist fruit juices sold within a fitness clothing store).
  2. Vive Virtual Reality Cafes -> Alibaba has recently partnered with Macy’s to provide a VR shopping experience for customers. China is already significantly ahead in terms of VR integration to compliment the customer experience. In 2018, Vive’s VR cafes will take this experience further.
  3. Channel blurring will continue accelerating -> If a concept is successful in another channel, customers are willing to experience all store designs which allows them to easily shop, regardless of which channel something appeared in first.
  4. ‘Outside-in’ concepts -> The use of technology to integrate payment options and offer supplementary purchases whilst ‘outside’ a retail store (e.g. displayed on a screen whilst filling petrol).
  5. Increase in ‘stay and sit a while’ shopping format -> e.g. more comfortable furniture and decor to promote a relaxed shopping experience.
  6. Increasingly ‘transparent’ bricks and mortar physical stores, as research reveals the more glass/transparent a store is, the more likely consumers are to enter and shop.