We’ve had the AX5500 model from Samsung’s new range of Air Purifiers in the office since its launch, and have already noticed a difference in odours and dust in the air.

Retailing for $799, the AX5500 is Samsung’s third-most premium Air Purifier (the flagship AX9500, or ‘The Cube’, costs $1,299). As such, it is able to quickly purify air, even in larger spaces.

Like other models in the 2020 Air Purifier range, the AX5500 features a ‘Front Air Inflow’ design that effectively draws in air. Air is then purified through three filtration layers.

The preliminary filter is washable, and captures larger particles like pollen, general house dust, and pet dander.

Then, there is the two-in-one filter. This includes an activated carbon deodorisation filter, which is designed to capture harmful gases and unpleasant odours, like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, cooking odours and household cleaners.

The second half of this filter is the True HEPA filter, which promises to capture up to 99.97% of 0.3 ㎛ ultra-fine dust like smoke, mould and exhaust fumes (it also inhibits the spread of captured bacteria). If Australia continues to experience horrific bushfire seasons, air purifiers that can filter out smoke will become increasingly crucial.

When used every day, Samsung says that the two-in-one filter will generally have a lifecycle of 6 months to a year. The filters for the AX5500 costs $149.

The device lets you know when filters need to be replaced on the light display.

Samsung AX5500 Air Purifier

Once air has been purified, this clean air is distributed efficiently by the dual-power fan through the three-way air holes on the top, right and left of the device (this set-up allows the AX5500 to set flush against a wall). The fan speed can be manually set, but in Auto mode it will be automatically adjusted to the particle and odour levels around it to keep the room clean.

On top of feeling like we’re breathing fresher air, we’ve also been impressed by how quiet the Samsung Air Purifier is, even when it’s on Auto mode.

If you’re looking for something even quieter – such as when you’re sleeping, for example – the ‘Whisper Quiet Sleep Mode’ operates with a softer air flow and is incredibly quiet at just 20dBA. It also turns the display lights off, so there’s nothing to disrupt sleeping.

The bottom of the unit is fitted with wheels, so it can easily be wheeled from room to room as needed.

We couldn’t measure exactly how much cleaner our air was using the AX5500, but we were reassured by the four-colour indicator display system, which gives you an instant reading on the air quality in your space.

When lighting on the display is blue it means the air quality is good (i.e., the PM10 level is 30 and below), the PM2.5/PM1.0 level is 15 and below and the gas pollution level is only at 1). Green indicates moderate air quality, yellow signifies poor pollution levels, and red means air quality is very poor.

In the product launch media briefing, Samsung demonstrated how the colour indicator changed from blue to yellow when an aerosol was sprayed near it, and back to blue again as the air was purified.

Samsung AX5500 Air Purifier

Like other recent Samsung appliances, the AX5500 can be controlled remotely via the SmartThings app. To do this, you will need to connect the device to your Wi-Fi network.

Through SmartThings, users can check indoor and outdoor air quality, turn the device on or off, control the fan speed, set timers, adjust other settings, and source useful device information.

The AX5500 is available at Samsung.com, JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys now.

Rating: 9/10