It was all camera at the 2020 launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 5G in San Francisco this morning, 8K shot footage, up to 100X zoom and artificial intelligence that sets the new benchmark for a premium smartphone and a massivly improved Google Duo.

Bragging rights just kept coming from 8K footage that in the past need a camera rig worth thousands, new “super zoom resolution” mode that delivers up to 100X capability and easily out performs the Huawei P30 with the biggest advantage that Samsung can guarantee that they have not worked with the Chinese Liberation Army to compromise security.

This has all been achieved with the introduction of an exceptionally high-resolution sensor coupled with a cutting edge processor made by Samsung.

Design wise the new S205G Ultra makes the old Note 10 Plus feel chunky, and Apples latest offering seriously old technology.

The 6.9-inch screen with its 120Hz refresh rate makes shot images look beautiful colourful and bright.

The 4x telephoto lens located behind the hole in the back of the S20G combines with a built in 48-megapixel sensor delivering “lossless hybrid optic” zoom. Lossless means that you won’t lose quality as you zoom similar to what was happening with the Huawei P30.

The 100x zoom feature which is exclusive to the S20 Ultra allows users to easily flick to a zoom setting as was demonstrated by Samsung when standing on a cliff two kilometres away from the famous Alcatraz prison in San Francisco, one button push and the cameraman could easily zoom into the location.

What Samsung has done that’s unique is dramatically improve the resolution and quality of an image

The S20 Ultra’s periscope appears to make a massive difference when it comes to shooting, I want to test it against a top end Canon camera and one of their zoom lenses. The Canon rig alone will cost you over $5K making the new Samsung offering a cheap pro camera rig.

The zoom capability also works at night, so a pool party suddenly becomes a lot more focused.

In the past problems have occurred when shooting in low-light, Samsung claims to have found a solution to these problems using the power of their new processor combined with the AI speed of the sensor.

Another massive improvement is that you can access Google Duo on the Galaxy S20 directly from the dialler. I love Google Duo for my personal calls, while I use Zoom for business calls, I ditched Skype for Duo. Only recently when in a boardroom meeting my phone rang, it was my 4-year-old granddaughter, she had her mother phone and decided to call me a real ‘Hello Grandpa moment”

Now with a simple press of a button you can trigger a video call in full HD quality with up to eight people due to the new wide-angle camera. I really want to test this.

Quick Conclusion

With this device it appears you are going to get the best of everything and as Samsung said at the start of their event ‘It’s all about “premium” and that is what they have delivered with the S20Ultra.

Apart from 5G which is basic, there is an incredible camera, 16GB of Samsung manufactured RAM and a massive display screen. This device is not cheap at $2,249 but is a pro camera, PC, smartphone and you can do Google Duo calls while also getting the best Netflix can offer.

It also has an astonishing 16GB of RAM, which considering the amout of use you will get with this device is worth the money.

Galaxy S20 Galaxy S20+ Galaxy S20 Ultra
Operating System Android 10 Android 10 Android 10
Display 6.2-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED, 2X Infinity O Display (3200X1440), HDR10+, 120Hz 6.7-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED, 2X Infinity O Display (3200X1440), HDR10+, 120Hz 6.9-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED, 2X Infinity O Display (3200X1440), HDR10+, 120Hz
Body 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9mm, 163g 161.9 x 73.7 x 7.8mm, 188g 166.9 x 76.0 x 8.8mm, 222g
Camera Rear:Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2, Wide-angle 12MP F1.8, Telephoto: 64MP. Front: 10MP F2.2 Rear:Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2, Wide-angle 12MP F1.8, Telephoto: 64MP, DepthVision sensor. Front: 10MP F2.2 Rear:Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2, Wide-angle 108MP F1.8, Telephoto: 48MP, DepthVision sensor. Front: 40MP F2.2
Processor 7㎚ 64-bit Octa-Core 7㎚ 64-bit Octa-Core 7㎚ 64-bit Octa-Core
Memory/Storage 8GB RAM/128GB storage (4G) or 12GB RAM/128GB storage (5G) 8GB RAM/128GB storage (4G) or 12GB RAM/ with 128GB/256GB/512GB storage (5G) 12GB RAM/128GB storage or 16GB/512GB storage (5G)
Water Resistance IP68 IP68 IP68
Battery 4,000 mAH with 25W fast charge and fast wireless charging 2.0 4,500 mAH with 25W fast charge and fast wireless charging 2.0 5,000 mAH with 45W fast charge and fast wireless charging 2.0
Connectivity 4G or 5G 4G or 5G 5G
Colours Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, Cosmic Black Cosmic Grey, Cosmic Black
Price $1,349 for 8GB/128GB/4G, $1,499 for 12GB/128GB/5G $1,499 for 8GB/128GB/4G, $1,649 for 12GB/128GB/5G, $1,899 for 12GB/512GB/5G