Strong Growth For Ozzie Auction
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Melbourne-based eBay competitor, OZtion, is celebrating the results of its first year of operations.

Claiming to be the country’s second largest auction site, OZtion has found clothing, Jewellery and crafts were all big sellers over the busy Christmas trading period.

Everall listings have grown 296 per cent for the site in the second half of 2005 which now boast some 47,000 plus simultaneous auctions.
The site initially launched on January 1st last year using locally developed technology and a Zero Cost Listing service which only requires payment for items which are sold. The sale fee ranges from 1.5% to 3% of the sale price, with the fee capped at $30.

Philip Druce, General Manager for OZtion commented, “OZtion is a community of Australians buying and selling online. Membership for our site is free, and has grown 103% in the last 3 months thanks to the support of our existing members. In December 2005, one individual member sang our praises so loudly, that she managed to convince 45 friends to join.”

In the Christmas period of November and December 2005, the top 5 categories of items sold by volume were: 1) Clothing, 2) Jewellery, 3) Crafts, 4) Books & Magazines, 5) Toys. These top 5 categories accounted for 66% of total sales by volume for November and December 2005.