Tennis Software Aces Business Award
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SportLogic has won the won the 2008 Australian Business Award in the Product Quality category for its complete software solution.

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Called ‘inTennis,’ this software solution was designed for tennis centres, coaches and clubs, which eliminates the need for paperwork and reduced the time needed for administrative tasks.

The Awards recognise organisations that demonstrate the core values of business excellence, product excellence, sustainability and commercial success in their respective industries.

SportLogic’s Founder, Mark Chen said, “We are thrilled to be the winner of the Australian Business Awards. Product excellence has always been a top priority for SportLogic and it is a great honour to be recognised nationally.”

“A key to our success has been the ability to solve business problems through the appropriate combination of the right technology with quality design. In today’s competitive environment, tennis business owners are looking for ways to save time and improve operational efficiency. More and more people are looking at computer software for the solution. The inTennis software was created to empower our customers to achieve greater productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability,” added Chen.

The Awards Program Director, Tara Johnston said “The Australian Business Awards are delighted to recognise SportLogic as recipients of the Product Quality Award. inTennis gives tennis centre owners and coaches the freedom to dedicate their time to their core business and the growth of their businesses.”