Toshiba Set To Be Embarrased By Its Own Distributor
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Toshiba Australia are set to be embarrassed after Castel the Australian distributor of Toshiba CE products was revealed as the organisation behind a bold plan to promote specialist CE dealers at the expense of mass resellers who sell millions of dollars worth of Toshiba IT products.

Castel have offered to put up $230,000 or 33% to a national marketing campaign worth nearly $700,000 that positions mass resellers like Harvey Norman, Retrovision and JB Hi Fi as “box shifters” who are only interested in  securing the best outcome for themselves and not necessarily acting in the customer’s best interest.

In a leaked document Castel urge Hi Fi dealers to join in the campaign that will attempt to persuade consumers to not go to the mass resellers as they sell the wrong products to customers, do not properly install equipment, provide the  wrong advice, cannot provide after sales service as well as refer queries to wholesalers instead of solving problems for customers”. Castel go on to say that mass market resellers show little or no courtesy to customers after purchase and that they blame whatever defects on wholesalers. They also accuse them of only securing the best outcome for themselves and not necessarily in the customer’s best interest.

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