Water-Based Laptop Batteries Here Soon
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According to a report in techworld.com, laptop users may soon get longer battery life from their machines, with the development of silver-zinc batteries, which it is claimed last significantly longer than traditional lithium-ion batteries.

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courtesy: www.dailytech.com

The batteries will be available in laptops in the US from August, use silver-zinc technology which carries more energy than lithium-ion batteries.

The report notes that this new battery should give laptops 40 per cent more run time.

Furthermore, the battery’s water-based chemistry also makes it non-flammable, compared to lithium-ion, which uses dimethyl carbonate, a flammable liquid.

And the silver-zinc batteries also won’t degrade in capacity during the first year, while lithium-ion batteries can lose up to 30 per cent of their capacity over that period.

Although the article also said that after a year, silver-zinc batteries start degrading at a rate similar to lithium-ion batteries.

According to a number of sources, silver-zinc is not a new technology, and has mainly been used in military and aerospace devices.