UK-based Vodafone Group has declared Asia-Pacific to be the lead region for IoT adoption, and the region making the most use of IoT to increase competitiveness.

Vodafone estimates that 36 percent of organisations in Asia-Pacific have implemented IoT, compared to 27 percent in the Americas and 26 percent in Europe.

Vodafone said 53 percent of Asia-Pacific companies surveyed reported seeing increased competitiveness from the use of IoT, compared with 35 percent in the Americas and 33 percent in Europe.

Asia-Pacific respondents were also more committed to collaboration than other regions: 92 percent said the most successful projects would involve collaboration between multiple organisations, compared to 72 percent in the Americas and 77 percent in Europe.

And they were less concerned about IoT security than those in other regions: 83 percent said they had adequate skills to manage security, compared to 70 percent in Europe 65 percent in the Americas.

The findings come from Vodafone’s latest annual survey of the global IoT scene, the IoT Barometer.