Bluetooth Buying Guide For Consumers
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The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) today launched the Bluetooth Experience Icon Program designed to help consumers purchase Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Bluetooth SIG said the icons will enhance the visibility of Bluetooth technology and highlight the many benefits of Bluetooth-enabled devices.

“New applications utilising Bluetooth wireless technology have gained momentum in the last year. We found it beneficial to simplify the way member companies illustrate their products’ capabilities which in turn will simplify the way consumers understand functionalities of their devices, making the Bluetooth technology experience an even easier one for everyone,” said Bluetooth SIG’s Michael Foley.

“The Experience Icons illustrate how the Bluetooth SIG is working to improve consumer satisfaction. The icons dramatically simplify the consumer buying experience based on specific applications. As a manufacturer of Bluetooth consumer products, Parrot welcomes this eye-catching way to help put Bluetooth technology into the lives of more consumers worldwide,” said Parrot Inc. President and COO, Edward Valdez.

Bluetooth SIG said that in the future, consumers can look to find all applicable icons printed on the package of a device as it is encouraging all manufacturers of Bluetooth devices to immediately begin using the Experience Icons on product packaging. 

More icons are due to be released later this year, but the icons currently available to illustrate five functions of Bluetooth wireless technology are:

Print – The print icon lets you know that printing can be simpler by allowing you to wirelessly print directly from your computer, mobile phone, PDA or any other device displaying the print icon.

Input – The input icon shows that you can control as well as input data wirelessly to a device.  This makes for fewer cables on your desk and improved control over portable devices without using the tiny, built-in keyboards.  

Headset – The headset icon lets you know that you have the ability to talk on your phone “hands-free.”  Getting rid of annoying cables means being able to move around freely while using your cell phone.

Transfer – The transfer icon tells you that the device can wirelessly send and receive data, text, pictures, music or other files with other devices. 

Music – The music icon means these products allow you to listen to Hi-Fi stereo music wirelessly.  You are able to send music from your mobile phone, computer or other device bearing this symbol and listen using compatible speakers, headphones, home stereos and many other devices.