How To Get An Education In Apps
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It’s the latest trend that is sweeping the education world, mobile apps.

An American college has introduced an ‘app-making’ degree to cater for the increasing need for new software development jobs, due to more people adopting smart devices.

An estimated 300,000 new jobs are expected to be created in the next few years, with many calling for special knowledge of creating mobile apps.

Rasmussen College, which operates campuses in Florida and Minnesota as well as three other states in the US, is offering two and four year degree programmes featuring ‘mobile application development’, computer graphics programming, and ‘engineering virtual worlds’.

Hap Aziz, director of Rasmussen’s school of technology and design which has 2000 students told the technology website All Things Digital: “There is going to be a continued need as people start adopting more smart devices.”

The curriculum focusses on iPhone and Android app development, but Aziz says the mobile world is changing so fast that the landscape may change by the time students get their four year degree.


It’s not the first time the school has tried to tap into technology trends. A programme in computer games and simulations proved popular at the school two years ago.

Aziz said the school added a mobile class to the programme as soon as smartphones started taking off.