Internet First: Wedding Streamed Live On YouTube
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Two billion people across the globe are expected to watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton via an official royal channel streamed live on the internet on YouTube.

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It’s the first time a British royal wedding is to be covered on the internet, with the streaming event also accompanied by a live multi-media blog assembled by royal officials.

Google, which owns YouTube, said it was ‘thrilled” to host the coverage.

The four hour feed will be taken from broadcaster, BBC, without its commentary, with official royal staff providing live commentary and historic information, interesting links, photographs and video footage as well as a Twitter feed, said the palace in a statement.

The feed will include William and Kate’s journey to and from Westminster Abbey; the service; the appearance of the couple on the balcony of Buckingham Palace; and a military flypast.

It would be the “most digital and interactive coverage of a royal wedding to date”, the palace said.

Previously accused of being ‘out of touch’ with modern Britain, the House of Windsor is embracing the internet and social media applications in an unprecedented manner.


Fans will be able to extend their own video of congratulations to the couple on an official video “Wedding Book” on YouTube, and photographs of the wedding will be released via Flikr.

Other announcements on the day will also be published on the official wedding site

 Live Tweets from an @ClarenceHouse account will be integrated into the blog, and anyone wanting to send messages of congratulations on Twitter can use the hashtag #rw2011.

A social networking site Facebook ( has also been set up.

St James’s Palace said in a statement: “Facebook users can click the ‘I’m attending’ button on ‘The Royal Wedding’ event to show their interest in the event.”

The April 29 event will be streamed live on at 7pm AEST.