iPad 2 Sparks Beijing Store iRiot
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Four people were hospitalised and several others injured at Apple store as iPad 2 queues lose control.

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We’ve heard of demand reaching fever pitch but this was far more sinister as sales of iPad 2 sparks a mini riot in Beijing with a glass door also being broken as part of the violence in the top Apple store, according to AP report.

The outburst happened in store located in the Sanlitun district in the Chinese capital, after a non Chinese employee allegedly pushed and beat crowds suspected of jumping the long lines queuing up get their hands on the iPad 2 which went on sale there on Friday, for the first time.

The crowd exploded in anger at the beatings and broke bottles and other devices in the incident.

And queues are no laughing matter apparently, with reports suggesting people are even selling their place in the line such is the feverish demand for Apple’s second ever tab device.

The Apple store also closed early on Saturday to avoid further madness inspired by the much sought after device, local news reports suggest.

The release also inspired long queues here with many Sydneysiders lining up over night and over the next week, when it was released in March.


Chinese buyers have also begun selling the device online for a profit, such is the enthusiasm for the iPad 2.