More Fibre Coming: TPG's Teoh
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TPG Telecom chairman David Teoh says he plans to step up competition with Telstra and the NBN by continuing to speed up his fibre rollout in major Australian cities.

Teoh was speaking at TPG’s AGM in Sydney. He told shareholders that Telstra’s biggest advantage was its extensive network, covering most of the nation’s central business districts.

“But [Telstra] also have the legacy issues … of [older] products and pricing and that’s where we have the advantage,” he said. “When we price something we look very long-term and we want to ensure that Telstra can’t follow us.”

On fibre, he said: “We have the fibre infrastructure, this is our core business – we are not going to stop.”

TPG will put a major push into marketing its Fibre 400 plan to business next year, offering iiNet business customers unlimited downloads at 400 megabits per second for $438.90 a month, Teoh said.

The company reported revenue of $1.27 billion for the year to June 30, up 31 percent. Net profit after tax was $224 million, also up 31 percent.