New OZ Mobile Ad Measurement A World First
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Australian research Company Nielsen, has launched a new mobile Internet audience measurement intelligence service which they are describing as a world first in online audience measurement methodology.

Thy claim that the launch of Nielsen’s Mobile Market Intelligence service will address demands from the industry for third-party metrics on mobile Internet usage in Australia, providing consistent and transparent metric for mobile advertisers and publishers.
Results from the new service are available from mid 2009, with April 2010’s data showing average daily unique browsers accessing the Internet via mobiles at 138,574, with average time spent online via mobiles sitting at around four and a half minutes. 
“The launch of Mobile Market Intelligence is an important step for mobile publishers in Australia. It provides media buyers with vital third-party information on mobile sites which serves to support and provide more confidence in those media buyers’ decisions on where to allocate clients’ advertising spend,” states Matt Bruce, Managing Director of Nielsen’s online business in Australia.

“Our clients have been telling us that the lack of independent, credible information on mobile sites has been holding back the growth of mobile advertising spend, and Nielsen’s launch of Mobile Market Intelligence is in direct response to this feedback.”