Panasonic Projector Offers 3D For $1
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Panasonic has unveiled a projection system that allows a person to see 3D images by using disposable glasses sold for $1. The solution is ideal for high-traffic venues like museums and convention centres as users do not need to spend close to $100 for a pair of glasses.

The solution consists of two Panasonic 2D PT-DZ6710E projectors stacked on top of each other to display 3D content. One projector’s lens is used for the left-eye image and the other for the right-eye image, projecting two ‘side by side’ images that are then combined to produce a 3D image when projected onto a screen or wall.

The 3D image can then be viewed using disposable 3D glasses.

Panasonic Australia’s AV/IT Group Manager, David Cuckney said that this solution allows large audiences to view 3D on a big screen.

“It’s ideal for the professional rental market and for museums and convention centres that want to create their own 3D displays for key exhibitions and events – playing 3D movies, advertisements or any other 3D promotional material,” said Cuckney.

The Panasonic PT-DZ6710E is a 6,000-lumen single-chip DLP projector that offers wide-aspect WUXGA projection with 1920 x 1200 pixels and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio.

Panasonic’s PT-DZ6710E projector is available now priced from $30799rrp.

Disposable 3D glasses are available from third party-suppliers and typically start from $1.00.