Samsung Heads For Projector Market Share
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Samsung, who has been making headway in the IT and Business market, is now set to go after the projector market with a new portable projector system.

The company has launched an affordable, ultra portable and powerful pico projector, the Samsung SP-HO3, which makes giving business presentations, sharing information and watching movies possible while on the go.
The projector weighs just 210g, or 130g without a battery, and is currently lighter than many smartphones on the market. The detachable battery lasts up to two hours in Eco mode. Mobile workers, salespeople and students set to benefit most, as the unit can be used with a plug and play memory card  from a camcorder, camera or smartphone or notebook computer.

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Despite its compact, mobile package, the SP-H03 can still handle powerful presentations. Its 30-ANSI bulb is the brightest among pico projectors, and the device projects a bright, clear image on screens from 9 to 80 inches. Whether you’re showing a PowerPoint slide at a conference or watching an HD movie at home, the SP-H03 offers crystal clear image projection for maximum enjoyment. 
With 1GB internal memory, documents, video, photos and music can be loaded directly onto the SP-H03 to deliver a smooth presentation experience. The device also supports external storage from a MicroSD card slot or PC via available USB ports, meaning size is no object for presentation delivery. The SP-H03 maximises usage efficiency through these interfaces so users can connect it to their notebook, camcorder, camera or smartphone.
“The pico projector market is rapidly growing as corporations globalise and professionals travel more often than ever. The SP-H03 was designed for easy portability, eliminating the hassle and setup issues often encountered by presenters as they travel from organisation to organisation,” said Emmanuele Silanesu, National Product & Marketing Manager – IT, Samsung Electronics Australia.
“Not only is it great for business people, but users of all kinds can experiment with the technology to share content in new ways. By creating a convenient, portable, powerful and inexpensive projector, Samsung is poised to assert its leadership at the top of this market. We’re excited to bring new projector technology options to Australians.”
The Samsung SP-H03 pico projector is available from 1 August at an RRP of $399.