When you are paying $500 a night for a room, the least one expects is having to go to sleep with noise cancelling headphones on to kill the noise.

This was the case at the Sheraton Hotel in Melbourne this week when some dumb events manager, decided that paying customers came second ahead of a bunch of screaming women and a disco set up outside on a 3rd floor balcony, then again the events staff are most probabally on events commisssion so why should they care about house guests.

The only problem was that guests on the 1st to 12th floor where I was staying had to put up with not only the worst techno beat music for hours on end but a bunch of drunk screaming party guests who had no regard for paying guests.

Even worse the Hotel Duty Manager who admitted that “many” guest had complained about the noise appeared to be powerless to stop the noise.

He also failed to get the DJ running the outside disco to turn the noise down so that guests on every floor under and above the outside disco could sleep.

At one stage a threat was made to call the police on the grounds that if this had been a residential property, the DJ would have been warned about the noise especially if residents 12 houses away could hear the noise clearly.